A Prostitute Stole My HeartAttack Of The Angry WomenBaby Mamas vs. Bad Girls
Back Off My $ BagBackstabbing Best FriendsBad Boys Breakin' Hearts
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Boyfriends Get The SmackdownBridal BlowoutCheaters Pack A Punch
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Drunken DisastersDumped For My Lesbian SisterEngaged To 3 Women
Fist Fightin' FemalesGay Cousins In LoveGet Away From My Husband!
Hookers and Hook UpsHot-Headed Hotties!I'm Gay but Please Have My Baby
I'm In Love With A ProstituteI'm Never Going Away!I'm Not A Virgin Anymore
I'm Not Marrying You...EVER!I'm Proud To Be On SpringerI'm Sorry...She Seduced Me
I Danced Her Pants OffI Don't Want The Baby...Or You!I Faked My Pregnancy...Sorry
I Had Sex With 3 SistersI Had Sex With Your Tranny BrotherI Hate You!
I Kissed Your Man And I Liked ItI Regret Having Sex With You!I Slept With Your Best Friend
I Spent It All On The HookerI Want Hot Kinky SexI Want Sex With Everyone
I Want Your Man!I Want a Happy EndingI Was In Jail And You Stole Her!
It's The Rooster Or Me!It's Time to Man UpIt Was The Best Night Of My Life!
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You Had A Threesome!You Had My Baby, But I'm LeavingYou Had Sex With My Baby's Daddy
You Slept With Her for Rent?You Won't Steal My Man!
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File:Jada.pngFile:Jay.pngFile:Jerry's Big Gay Show (The Jerry Springer Show)
File:Jerryspringer logo 240.pngFile:Kristia.pngFile:Lustful Lesbians (The Jerry Springer Show)
File:Mama, I Can't Stop Pimpin' (The Jerry Springer Show)File:Misters Or Sisters? (The Jerry Springer Show)File:Mistresses Get Dumped (The Jerry Springer Show)
File:My Brother Slept With My Boyfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)File:My Love For You Has Disappeared (The Jerry Springer Show)File:My Mama Don't Like You.png
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File:Pimp Slapped! 2.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 20.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 21.jpg
File:Pimp Slapped! 22.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 23.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 24.jpg
File:Pimp Slapped! 25.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 26.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 3.jpg
File:Pimp Slapped! 4.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 5.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 6.jpg
File:Pimp Slapped! 7.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 8.jpgFile:Pimp Slapped! 9.jpg
File:Pink.pngFile:Pretty Girls Fight Dirty! (The Jerry Springer Show)File:Ricky.png
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File:Sisters At War (The Jerry Springer Show)File:Slim Goody.pngFile:Strip Club Threesome (The Jerry Springer Show)
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File:You Had My Baby, But I'm Leaving (The Jerry Springer Show)File:You Had Sex With My Baby's Daddy (The Jerry Springer Show)File:You Slept With Her For Rent? (The Jerry Springer Show)
File:You Won't Steal My Man! (The Jerry Springer Show)